Targeted, practical courses to help fill gaps in your Stoic practice

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There’s no shortage of solid information out there to learn Stoic theory and practice. But there are still some gaps in the way it’s described and taught. For people trying to wrap their heads and hearts around Stoicism, these gaps lead to a lot of confusion.

Stoic Missing Pieces aims to fill the information gaps and clarify Stoicism as a practical life philosophy. This will be accomplished through a suite of online courses that are: 

  • Practical 
  • Designed for active learning 
  • Based on sound ancient Stoic theory 
  • Infused with useful modern rationality concepts 

These programs are not meant to replace the myriad of good resources already in existence. Instead, they will focus on the overlooked, neglected, yet crucial missing pieces of Stoicism that will round off your knowledge and improve your practice. 

These courses are being created by Gregory Lopez, founder of the New York City Stoics, co-founder of The Stoic FellowshipModern Stoicism team member, and co-author of A Handbook for New Stoics.

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